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A complete ERP Solution for the Sports Industry

Sportlink is an enterprise information system used by a large number of sports associations in the Netherlands. The Sportlink System offers many functional modules that can be used in various sports organization related processes. A single system that serves as a foundation for different end-user applications.

Software as as Service: A single SaaS solution for many different Sport Association

Every sports association uses its own set of business rules which also require different third party application integration. Within a sport association Sportlink serves a variety of end-users that interact and cooperate in several business processes. The system is used by a large number of sports organizations at several organizational levels, volunteers, athletes and various  other stakeholders with different interests.The Service Oriented Computing Approach (SOC) that Dexels has chosen is successfully implemented at a large number of Sports Associations in the Netherlands.
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The Sportlink System is the Core that serves a multitude of Applications

A sports association is a central organization that organizes sports competitions. Sports competitions typically involve teams in which the players are organized. Organizing a sports competition involves several tasks: registering teams, administrating members, setting up match fixtures, assigning officials, administrating match results, processing financial tasks, disciplinary events, organizing courses, managing venues, supporting clubs with their internal organization and many more.


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