Awareable - Co-Funded by European Union

Wearable Technology

Dexels, together with daughter company Sendrato, designs and develops wireless wearable technology for managing and connecting crowds. A unique smart wristband enables insights in movements and interests of people visiting large events, while providing convenience and entertainment for the individual visitor.
The system is centered around the Sendrato Smart Wristband. The module is an advanced wearable communication device for vistors of large scale events.The wristbands connect to the Sendrato Backbone Network and Event Hub software and are able to send and  receive information which is used a.o. for tracking and LED lights control. This information is used for safety and security applications, registration of event vistors, cashless payments, integration with other event applications and various social media.   The Sendrato Smart Wristband is completely customizable, by using different materials from plastics to silicone rubber to luxury leather. The wristbands can be made water resistant. In this way we are able to offer made-to-order solutions, depending on the Industry or Sector.
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